The Hispanic Education Coalition of Palm Beach County (HEC) is a non-profit organization established to promote educational equity in the School District of Palm Beach County. By advocating for greater equity and access for Hispanic students, educational professionals, and community members, all other historically underserved communities will experience greater success.

La Vuelta Palm Beach 2023

La Vuelta Palm Beach 2023

Dec 10, 2023 7:00am - 11:00am

The Hispanic Education Coalition of Palm Beach County would like to announce the first annual bicycle ride for Dr. Joaquín García High School on December...


HEC works with Palm Beach County School District board members and administrators to improve educational equity for Hispanic and other underachieving students in schools across the county. While we recognize actions by individuals and organizations who help achieve this goal, we also take action when greater access or educational equity is not provided to all students. In those instances, HEC will call attention to these actions and work to reverse the decisions or policies that create a detriment in the success of all students.


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