Dear School Board Members,

The Hispanic Education Coalition of Palm Beach County (HEC) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education for all students by advocating and serving as a voice for

parents and students. As you embark on a new superintendent search process, our organization is ready to support your efforts and ensure that the process is open and transparent.

We would like to request that at least two members of HEC serve in the search advisory group that will be making recommendations about community input and potential candidates. We believe that the individuals selected for this group should represent the main stakeholders and also subgroups that reside in our community.

In addition, we recommend that you conduct a national search to find the best candidate for the superintendent position and hire a firm that can recruit and attract quality candidates. As the lead organization that represents the Hispanic community in Palm Beach County, we have gathered the following list of qualities for your consideration. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record with successful evidence in the following:

1. Leadership skills responsive to a culturally diverse population;
2. Strong communicator, ideally fluent in another language representative of the School District Palm Beach County (the “District”);
3. Increasing graduation rates, college placement and test scores among all groups with particular emphasis on minority groups;
4. Successful experience managing fiscal practices and District resources;
5. Working proactively and collaboratively with the School Board;
6. Committed to work closely with key stakeholders to foster positive District-Community relations;
7. Strong ability to work with the media;
8. Knowledge of research and best practices supporting curriculum and instruction;
9. Collaborating with legislative representatives on key topics;
10. Embracing a collaborative mission, vision and goals with the School Board;
11. Improving leadership skills and opportunities for professional growth among minority employees;
12. Experience using data-driven methods for policy development and management techniques;
13. Meeting international standards of excellence in education;
14. Fostering relationships with diverse groups to improve the recruitment, retention and development of programs; and
15. Experience obtaining federal funding programs.

We look forward to working with the School Board in the superintendent search and ensuring that a transparent and open process is followed.


Joaquin Garcia
Dr. Joaquin Garcia, President
Hispanic Education Coalition