Dr. Joaquin Garcia, Chairman

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Joaquin Garcia has worked for many years to reach out to the Hispanic Community…

encouraging civic participation, and the exercise of their voting rights. He is committed to ensuring that decisions that affect the lives of Hispanics are made by leaders who understand the richness they bring to the community and truly represent and understand the needs of Hispanics in Palm Beach County.

In the Business arena,  Dr. Garcia is the President of G & G Enterprises of Palm Beach, Real Estate Holding Company and Vice President of El Cid Animal Clinic, Veterinary Medicine Practice for Small Animals.

He is  a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and serves on the “Education Committee”.  Being directly involved in the selection and adjudication of “Triunfo” scholarships for excellence; benefitting senior students throughout Palm Beach County. He is a regular speaker on the topic of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases for the Police Department of the City of West Palm Beach in their highly successful “Prostitution Impact Prevention Program”; Additionally, Dr. Garcia has provided leadership to the HIV community by assisting organizations such as the Comprehensive Aids Program (CAP) and COMPASS.

He is a current member of the Palm Beach Advisory Committee Homeless Resource Center and served as Chairman for “Downtown Helping Hands”, for the betterment of the homeless population of Palm Beach County and a constant volunteer for the Vicker’s House to name a few.

Born in Havana, Cuba, he lived in Spain and Puerto Rico and attended Medical School at Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, becoming a medical doctor in 1988.   Dr. Garcia currently resides in West Palm Beach.

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