Dr. Gabriela Mendez


Dr. Gabriela Mendez received her Master’s degree and Ph.D. degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the Pennsylvania State University. She is an associate professor and dissertation chair at the A. Fischler College of Education in Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Mendez teaches classes on Professional Development and Curriculum in the doctoral program in Instructional Leadership and classes on Curriculum in a master’s program.
Her research and publications focus on school reform, discourse analysis, education and values, curriculum, subjectivity, and issues of power. Her latest publications are a chapter on a book on Pedagogy and curriculum, and an article on the use of technology in online learning.
Dr. Mendez participates in multiple on line professional learning communities that support innovation and improvement of online courses’ design and instruction. She has created online Dissertation Cafes for students and faculty. Dr. Mendez is engaged with the community and actively participates in local and international education associations and charities.

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